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Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach, MindTap, 12 Months Digital Access

This is a Digital Product – Please take note of the access platform and access period.ISBN: 9781337675451Jeffrey M. WooldridgeEdition: 7Copyright Year: 2020Access Platform: MindTap Learn More Access Period: 12 Months


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Give students an understanding of how econometrics can answer questions in business, policy evaluation and forecasting with Wooldridge's INTRODUCTORY ECONOMETRICS: A MODERN APPROACH, 7E. Students see the importance of what they're learning as this practical, yet professional, approach demonstrates how today's empirical researchers apply econometric methods to answer questions across a variety of disciplines. The author organizes information around the type of data being analyzed and uses a systematic approach that introduces assumptions only when needed to obtain a certain result, making it easier for students to follow. Updated applications and examples demonstrate impact on today's policy and support or disprove contemporary economic theories. More than 100 data sets are available in different formats. MindTap resources, a comprehensive Instructor's Manual, PowerPoint? and Scientific Word? slides and a Data Set Handbook are available to support your teaching.