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This is a Digital Product – Please take note of the access platform and access period.ISBN: 9781337675000G. Tyler Miller, Scott SpoolmanEdition: 16Copyright Year: 2019Access Platform: MindTap Learn More Access Period: 12 Months


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Partnering with National Geographic Learning, Miller and Spoolman deliver a text that equips students with the inspiration and knowledge to help solve modern environmental issues. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, 16th Edition, highlights important work of scientists and citizens, while photos, maps and illustrations bring course content to life. A concept-centered approach transforms complex topics into key concepts students understand. Using sustainability as their central theme, the authors emphasize natural capital, natural capital degradation, solutions, trade-offs and the importance of individuals. Students learn how nature works, how they interact with it and how humanity can continue to sustain its relationship with the earth by applying nature's lessons to economies and individual lifestyles. Available with MindTap, the platform that gives instructors complete control of their course and powers students from memorization to mastery.