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International Economics, MindTap, 12 Months Digital Access

This is a Digital Product – Please take note of the access platform and access period.ISBN: 9781337675413Robert CarbaughEdition: 17Copyright Year: 2019Access Platform: MindTap Learn More Access Period: 12 Months


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Vividly demonstrate the relevance of theory to real economic issues and policy questions using the wealth of contemporary examples and practical applications found in Carbaugh's popular INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS, 17E. This market-leading text remains a favorite among students and instructors, like you, for its clear, streamlined treatment of international trade and finance theory. In addition to the latest theoretical developments, this revision offers a strengthened presentation and updated applications. The author clearly presents both written and graphical discussions, making the text understandable even for students with little economics background. A flexible format also makes this book suitable for a wide range of course structures and subjects. As numerous students as well as instructors have discovered, "If it's clear, concise, and contemporary, it has to be Carbaugh."